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A Greener Builder, A Greener Future.

Here at AKE Building Services in Rhondda Cynon Taff, we believe that all waste should be disposed of in the correct manner and using the correct methods.

No matter if we are providing a builder in llantrisant, a builder in Cardiff, Bridgend or a builder in the Rhondda area, when disposing of waste we always use a licensed waste carrier. Even from our larger jobs such as extensions, landscaping kitchen and bathroom fitting through to our smaller jobs such as decking, walls and handyman services our waste is always disposed of in the correct way, and greenest way.
green builder no matter where as builder in cardiff a builder in bridgend or a builder in llantrisant or south wales
As a greener South Wales builder we like to recycle all that is possible, producing minimal waste and we always try to use local materials where possible.

We believe keeping our carbon footprint down is building a better future.