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Samples Of Work

Here are just some of the photos from our recent projects.

  Timber Frame Homes
  Block of 2 New Build from Rhondda Builders   Timberframe from Rhondda Builders   bloack of 3 new builds from Rhondda builders
  Extension   Fencing,Patio,Lawn   Wall,Patio,Steps,Fence
  extension   fencing, patio and lawn   wall, patio, stepd fence
  kitchen Refurbishment   Breakfast Bar   Kitchen Refurbishment
  kitchen fitting and refurbishment   kitchen fitting breakfast bar   kitchen fitting and refurbishment
  Full Property Refurbishment   Retaining Walls
  property refurbishment   property refurbishment   bricklayer retaining wall
  Decking,Fence,Handrail and artificial grass
  decking platform   decking   decking fence
  Garden Refurbishment, Paito,Steps,Fencing,Path ,Lawn & Brickwork
  garden landscaping   walls path fence brickwork   landscaping
  Driveway   Retaining Wall
  driveways   driveways   retaining wall
  Ceramic Tiling   Water Feature   Boundery Wall
  ceramic tileing   water feature tonypandy builder   blockwork boundery wall

More photos soon..